Off Photography. Curated by Jon Feinstein

Photos by Amy Elkins, Matthew Schenning, Brea Souders, Chad States, Alejandra Laviada and David Shoerner. 

The past few years have seen greater attention to self-referential or "process oriented" photography that blurs the distinction between "photo-based" work and other media. From the MOMA's annual "New Photography" exhibition, to Art News' March, 2011 feature on "The New Photography" much of the photographic community is reexamining its original struggle to distinguish its place in the larger art world. With that in mind, I've placed these images with attention to their reference to traditions in painting, sculpture, art history and other media outside the literal scope of photography.

Amy Elkins: Elegant Violence

Arturo (Flyhalf), New Haven, CT, 2010

Dillon (Open Side Flanker), Princeton, NJ. 2010

Matthew Schenning: Wallrides

Brea Souders: New Work

Colors of Napoleon, 2010

Madame Marcotte and I, 2010

Burnt Sienna Universe

Chad States

John S



Alejandra Laviada

Totem, 2011

Color Blind Rainbow, 2008

Red Totem, 2011

David Shoerner: After Betty

Linda (After Gerhard Richter, Betty, 1988), 2009

Martynka (After Gerhard Richter, Betty, 1988) , 2009

Sherri (After Gerhard Richter, Betty, 1988) , 2009   

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